David Wisner

Web Developer



I'm a web developer who specializes in React.js and frontend javascript applications.

I am passionate about open source web development and have contributed to multiple projects.

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Halcyon Consulting

halcyon consulting

Website for Halcyon Consulting. Built with love.

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Website for Greyspot. Build with love.

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Gibberish Playground

gibberish playground

Gibberish Playground is a web application built with React.js and gibberish.js. Gibberish is a javascript DSP library that creates JIT optimized audio callbacks using code generation techniques. Built by Charlie Roberts, it is a major component of the audiovisual live coding environment Gibber.

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Form Builder

form builder

Demo web application that uses react.js and ionic for creating web forms. This is the template for an actual application that was built for Dympl.

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Simon Says

simon says

Simon Says game built on codepen for freecodecamp

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Gulp Strip Comments

gulp strip comments

This is an actively maintained open source library used by developers around the world.

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